Friday, July 7, 2017

Another BIG THANK YOU to newest advertiser George Boxlicker.

George writes about: #Nymphomaniac #Interracial #Lesbian #Spanking #Fetish #Anthology #Cougar #Mature #Escort #Prostitution #Graphic_Scenes #Masturbation #Toys #Anal_Sex #Blowjob #Science_Fiction #Monster_Sex and more...

About George Boxlicker: All my life I have been fascinated by erotic stories. As a child, I even swiped paperback novels from my parents in order to read the more salacious parts. I have also been told, since I was very young, that I have a way with words and, now that I have the time, I have combined these aspects of myself.

I am retired, live in the San Francisco Bay Area, and am a prolific writer of sexually explicit and graphic erotic stories, some of which have appeared in digests and other print or digital form. In order to build up a fan base among kindle owners and more casual readers, I am offering some of my shorter works for free, especially if one of those free stories is the first episode in a longer series.

I really appreciate it if those who read my stories write brief reviews expressing their honest opinions, whether praise or put downs. I can't force anybody to do this, but I do request it of readers, whether they have read a free sample or have paid for a download. I find such reviews help me improve my writing, and I will respond to anybody who leaves an email address.

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