Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Taxi Tales: Volume 5 - Redheads, F*ck Buddies And Death Wishes By: Richie G

                                                #Pornish #UrbanJungle #Cunnilingus

                                          "DON JUAN IN THE DRIVER'S SEAT"

    Meet Frankie Morello, a sweet, charming, night-shift cabbie prowling the steamy after-hours          streets of San Francisco. These are Frankie's TaXXXi Tales, just as he confessed them to            his chronicler, RICHIE G -- one of the founders of the mega sex website                                         YOUPORN and a  former night taxi driver himself.

     Frankie loves the ladies... and the ladies love him back! His female fares are lonely late-                  night secretaries and high priced call-girls... no-holes-barred swingers and barely-                                      legal treet hookers... housewives in heat and hot whorehouse Madams.

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