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Kinky Literature has about 200 genres of erotic writing for our lovers of erotica to choose from. That’s a lot of genres. But then again there are lots of writers writing kinky stuff so this large of a range shouldn’t be all that surprising. And what is also not that surprising is that no matter how ‘kinky literate’ an erotic reader thinks they are, there’s bound to be a genre that they might never have heard about before.
And one of the genres that’s sure to be relatively unknown to a reader is ‘FUTANARI’
Here’s what Urban Dictionary has to say about this unusual genre:
Futanari: A genre or character in art or literature that features a female that has all feminine attributes except that she has a penis. This can include her having a vagina, testicles, etc. so long as she has a penis. A futanari girl is not to be confused with a trap or cross-dresser as they are a female.

Kinky Literature has at least 13 erotic books featuring ‘Futanari’ as one of the three genres the book includes. And two of our wonderful Sponsors write extensively in that genre; Veronica Sloan and Sally Bend

Here are the FUTANARI books that these two SPONSORS offer on Kinky Literature:

Suddenly Futanari By: Veronica Sloan

Futanari Moans And The Mummy's Hand (Job)By: Sally Bend


Cuckolded By The Futa Motorcycle Club By: Sally Bend

Futanari Moans And The Sucker's Cure By: Sally Bend

Futa Explosion: Four Hot Futa Stories By: Sally Bend

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Thank you Larry Archer!!! 

Coffee, Tea, or Me – Featured Today @KinkyLiterature Posted on April 9, 2018 by Larry Archer

Coffee, Tea, or Me?

My good friends at Kinky Literature are featuring one of my erotic stories today at It’s based on an actual event that happened after my wife won a poker tournament in Las Vegas.

 How better to celebrate than with a newly divorced server from the high rollers private club?

 Following is a brief public service commercial for

 As an author of self-published erotica, advertising my wares is always difficult. I don’t have the staff or budget of a full-fledged publishing house and have to rely on other means to get the word out. is a great source for both readers and writers of erotica and I can’t say enough good things about them. Erotic stories for your electronic devices are somewhat like the magazines that you buy from under the counter and the clerk quickly puts them in a brown paper bag.

Most people enjoy reading smut or porn stories that are well written but may be embarrassed to purchase them at the grocery store. Fear not as Kinky Literature is owned by a couple who also appreciate a good dirty story. As an author of dirty stories,

I enjoy working with an organization that appreciates my work and doesn’t spray everything with Lysol when I leave. Kinky Literature carries all the hottest and best erotica from the authors that you know and love, even the ones that are #2Hot4Amazon (and we know about that!).

If you write smut stories and are not using KinkyLiterature, then what’s wrong with you? For an author, there is no downside that I can see and your readers know they are the best place for everything you read in the bathroom (with the door locked).

For readers of erotica, sometimes it’s difficult to find stories that feed your particular kink and scratch that itch that needs satisfaction. Just remember to wait until you get home as the bus driver may not appreciate it.

Seriously, Kinky Literature has the stories you want to read and all in one place. No more hunting around, it’s all there. There is no extra charge for buying through Kinky Literature as they make their money on referral fees. You can catch all my HEA erotica on Kinky Literature by Clicking This Link.

End of Public Service Announcement

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Kinky Literature and Pornsurfer Reports

Introduction: Welcome to Pornsurfer Reports and Kinky Literature. We are a FREE site reporting on adult content pay sites and adult content erotic literature.

Mission: To match lovers of graphic content with sizzling porn pay sites and sizzling adult content kinky writing.

What we do: We introduce, showcase, and promote adult content; both visual and literary.

What we don’t do: We don’t charge the public nor do we recommend nor push anything over another and we don’t sell any products. We just report for the public’s benefit.

Who we are: We’re Richie and Randi. And in the adult industry we’re known as “Mr. and Mrs. YouPorn”. That’s because we were part of a group that founded the most famous of all porn sites; Richie is also the author of TaXXXi Tales; a steamy novel about late night cab driving in San Francisco. We developed Pornsurfer Reports and Kinky Literature for the public to Know, Go, and Enjoy graphic adult content.

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Happy 4th of July!!! 

Have a fun safe day...

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