Tuesday, February 21, 2017

A Kinky Sonnet For Alexa Nichol’s “Paying His Debts”

A Kinky Sonnet For Alexa Nichol’s “Paying His Debts”
By Kinky Richie from Kinky Literature

Alexa Nichols, what does she got?
A debt payment story that is very hot!
It starts off nicely with a lovely ride
But the wife is about to lose her hide

It’s not cool banging into a gang
Gangbangers looking for a wife to bang
Too bad hubby let the insurance lapse
Soon she’ll be draped over their laps

The hubby watches as the wife makes good
They make the payment as rough as they could
She takes them on, one by one
But is she having too much fun?

The moral here is: call your agent
And for shit’s sake, make that payment!

Kinky Richie, January 29, 2017

Paying His Debts By: @AlexaNichols 

Genres: #Debt Payment Sex #Gangbang #Rough Sex

Get it --> Paying His Debts

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

A Kinky Sonnet For Valentine’s Day From Kinky Literature

A Kinky Sonnet For Valentine’s Day From Kinky Literature

We’re finally here on Valentine’s Day
So gear up for a love-filled day
Whether you’re straight, bi or gay
Love as many people as you can today

Get your lover lots of hearts
If you want sex that’s a good start
Want more fun? Here’s what we think
Spice up the day with a dose of kink

Get that kink by visiting our site
Read a hot book with your lover tonight
Read it together by the candlelight
Take your orgasms to brand new heights

We’re finally here on Valentine’s Day

Happy Love Day to all, we want to say By Kinky Richie from Kinky Literature, February 14, 2017

Monday, February 6, 2017

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Friday, February 3, 2017

Dear Breanna, I’m really enjoying your question and answer column. I hope you don’t think too lowly of me for telling you what is going on in my life.

Here’s the deal. I’m not really the landlord type but I inherited an apartment building from my grandmother who loved me more than her other grandkids. I live in one of the apartments. I’m an ‘easy’ landlord with my tenants. Some people would say too easy… and too personal with them. I’m a single guy in my 30’s and have a great job so I can afford some “sacrificed” rents.

Here’s the problem: One of the tenants is a hot single chick that I’m extra friendly with. We’ve gone to a few daytime ballgames together, smoked pot together, and go out for coffee often. I can easily kid around with her. She comes off very strait laced but I think there’s a little kink hiding under the fa├žade. But I’m not 100% sure.

Well, the other day, while we were stoned, she started to forewarn me about the rent being a little late this month. I was kidding with her and replied in a stern British accent which I don’t have since I’m American, “If that rent is late again, young lady, I’ll have no recourse but to drape you over my lap and punish your lovely bottom for all the interest I’ll be losing by the thrifts. So, there!” 

Her reaction blew me away. She stared at me for a surprisingly long time. Her eyes narrowed like to bedroom eyes and her face got flushed. And she finally said quietly, “Really? You’d spank me for the rent being late? What about not paid at all?

But we didn’t laugh. We kept staring at each other. And then, suddenly, the doorbell rang and shocked us out of our stoned attempt for negotiating trading something kinky for the rent. Unfortunately, the conversation had to end right there.

Breanna, I’ve been a wreck all week. I can’t eat or sleep. All I think about is the possibility of taking off her panties and draping her over my lap and spanking her ass cheeks and maybe probing her asshole. I don’t even have a desire to fuck her. I just want her to give up her ass to me for spanking and exploration in lieu of the rent.

Am I sick? Is this legal to do? Should I even do it even if it’s legal? Should I bring it up? Does it make it more moral if she brings it up first? I’m so confused but I can’t get the image out of my head of her letting me pull her ass cheeks apart while draped over my lap so submissively. Help!! 

Signed: Landlord

Dear Landlord,

Thank you so much for writing. I can see your dilemma and hope that I can help you. I will be completely truthful too, and hopefully give you some things to seriously consider.

First, and foremost- you are not sick. This fantasy is very common by so many and is a frequent scenario used in role-play—almost verbatim. In fact, Big Bang Theory had an episode that showed the same type of situation. So, you're good in your desires and are not alone.

Second, I'm not an attorney and can't give you legal advice; however, I do want to give you some food for thought and provide some serious questions to ask yourself. 

1      The first thing I noted was the presence (or lack of) healthy boundaries. Giving of yourself is a wonderful and fabulous thing, but sadly not everyone will treat a gift with the respect it's offered. That being said- please be careful that people don't take advantage of you. You own property, you have a good job, have an education… you can be a prime target for a lawsuit. You have a lot to lose, so you have to think like a businessman and protect your investments. Be wise and, if necessary, hire an apartment manager/service so that you are no longer involved in money handling. To add to your safety, pay rent as well—this protects you from conmen. Contacting HUB and discussing the legalities and professional boundaries of tenants might provide you better direction.

2      How well/long have you known this gal? What is her credit history, job history, relationship background, background/legal check? I don't mean to sound cynical, but the fact that you guys are getting stoned places you in a position for her to make claims that you are forcing yourself on her or demanding 'favors' in exchange for rent, etc. There's an old saying "Don't dip your pen in the company ink." A situation like yours is a prime example.

3      The fact that you are questioning the legal and moral aspect of the situation is a big red flag. That suggests to me that you have already considered the above issues and understand the possible consequences of pursuing it.  Even a contract won't protect you from a rape or harassment claim in court. Again, I don't know the extent of the relationship and am only commenting using the information you provided.

4      IF this is a girl you want to develop a relationship with, then start there. Stay vanilla until you really get to know her and she proves that she wants to be with you, not because of your money. Go on dates like picnics, hikes, etc where you spend limited funds and have to talk. If she is responsible and mature, she will be paying her rent on time and respect your boundaries (which includes NOT providing sacrificial rent). From the view of an outsider, the tenants are paying you with favors (i.e. sex). Like it or not, it can be construed as prostitution on their behalf and sexual harassment on yours.

5      My final question is about your dating history and what opportunities you have to meet women outside of the building. There are plenty of kinky chicks in the world and you deserve to find a woman who loves you for you. My advice, again based on the information you provided and my personal experience as a therapist, is to strongly separate business from pleasure. When you play with fire, you risk getting burned and I would hate to see that happen.LUV = (Listen, Understand, and Validate)

Bree +Breanna Hayse 

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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Reader - Asked a Sexpert!

Reader - Asked A Sexpert


How is a submissive of my age to find a Dom? I am a widow. I have a new girlfriend who wants to give me what I want but has never explored link but has always been curious. I need more than she knows how to give without having to give directions. What do we do?

I'm a single, Gay/Lesbian between the ages of 56-65. I'm a College graduate. I'm pretty sexually active/experienced. I'm just beginning to explore the 'fetish' lifestyle

Signed: Reader


Dear Reader,

Thank you so much for writing! I want to encourage you that this lifestyle has no ‘end point’ when it comes to age and many people, like yourself, are coming forward with the desire to explore a deeper relationship with their partners using D/S (dominance and submission) as a tool.

You are very fortunate to have a partner who is so open. Are you/she interested in her learning how to step into the realm of Domme or are you wanting to go outside the relationship and seek a Dom (male counterpart)?

1. The biggest complaints from a submissive is that the Domme/Dom can’t read our minds. I’m as guilty as the rest in that department! The first step is communication—be open and honest as you can. Find out what she is willing and comfortable to explored and, if that’s something you’d like, go for it. The more she exercises her Domliness, the more confident she will feel. The more confident she becomes, the more willing she'll be to help you push whatever limits you might have. Just remember that limits DO go both ways. There's a fine line in some areas that we have to accept and respect (i.e. more dangerous play). In that case, it might be a good idea for you two to seek out a legitimate club that provides education and training under the eyes if seasoned professionals. Parties and munches aren't going to provide you with the depth of training she might want, and that will include developing her intuition.

2. I always recommend the old standby of enticing or encouraging a partner who is new in the scene is to use books by authors who honestly live the lifestyle. (I don't recommend films as a teaching tool - they are scripted, professional 'pain' princesses and, while enjoyable and arousing, don't teach the hows and whys). Even in fiction, you will be able to pick up the feel and direction of someone who understands the mentality and can accurately illustrate the progression. Look at it like this—if you wanted to learn to cook, would you go to someone who knows her way around a kitchen or someone whose primarily skill is marking reservations?

3. If there is something in particular that you want, that’s another way to approach it without having to make a demand. Again, books are great in communicating desires without having to blurt it out. (I take a picture of a page, print it out, highlight the passage and leave it where my husband will be sure to find it—wrapped around his remote control.) Just remember to present it in a way that's not confrontational and give your partner a chance to work through the thought and honestly express their feelings. As long as you keep it safe, sane and consensual, you should find your world opening to new, and incredibly exciting, things.

4. Finally, finding a Dom. If indeed you are seeking a DS relationship outside of your present one, and you value your relationship with your girlfriend, be honest. Don't insult her and tell her she's not cutting it. Instead, express the concern that you don't want to cause HER pain by making her do something that she isn't comfortable with. Include her, if you can, in what you're doing to avoid jealousy or suspicion. A good Dom will instruct a newbie.

5. But how to find him? That's the tough part. Honestly, the majority of peeps I've met on dating sites like Fetlife are interested in kinky sex, not the dynamic of trust, love, nurturing and commitment to the lifestyle. Attend Munches, check out the local club, and take your time in getting to know him. Interview him. Ask for references if he claims to be a pro. Find out where he was taught and who holds him accountable. If you are asked for pictures of you naked or are given commands before you develop a relationship with him, walk away. A service Dom is there to teach and rarely engages in sexual activity unless he's committed.

6. If you do decide to meet with someone after you’ve spoken on the phone, skyped, etc., then be certain to meet in a neutral location just to have face to face. Trust your instincts. Be certain to leave your location, a number that you can be reached, and a designated time of your return. A real Dom will not only insist on these safety measures but will ensure you follow through with them.

I hope this helps. Please let us know how things progress, okay? And thank you again for writing.

LUV = (Listen, Understand, and Validate)

Bree +Breanna Hayse 

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